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Buy American Now
Imagine our country with plenty of good paying jobs.
Imagine industry and manufacturing returning to America.

We can make this happen.

We are faced with a choice every time we make a purchase.
Buying products Made in America employs American workers, keeps our wealth in our country, and restores the strength and security of America.
It means standing up for what America stands for.
If we buy imported goods we are sending jobs and dollars away from our country. America is at a crossroads and how we respond will determine our future. The American consumer has the power. By acting collectively we can create an abundance of good paying jobs. But we need to act together.

The time is now.

Want to create good jobs in America? Want to get involved?
Join with millions of other Americans to Buy American Now!
Put the "Made in America, I'll Buy That " bumper sticker on your car,
spread the word by telling your friends about the importance of buying American made products, and choose Made in USA when you shop.

Made in America - I'll Buy That

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